Volunteers - Fall Sale

What do volunteers do during the Fall Sale?

Before the sales can begin, volunteers and staff handle physically demanding tasks:

  • moving and setting up tables and shelving
  • delivering full boxes from storage areas
  • placing and arranging sale items on shelves

Throughout the sales, volunteers play a vital role as Storage workers, Shelvers, Checkers and Cashiers.

Storage workers

  • handle heavy boxes
  • load carts
  • deliver loaded carts to the Shelvers
  • remove and store empty boxes
  • are physically active


  • keep the shelves tidy and restocked throughout the sale
  • straighten the shelves to make room for fresh inventory
  • should be detail oriented


  • interact with the public, often during extremely busy times
  • deal with numbers and simple arithmetic functions
  • provide a total value for an individual’s purchases
  • largely work sitting down
  • handle customers’ purchases, some standing and a degree of physical dexterity required


  • collect the cost of customers’ purchases
  • should be good with numbers, detail oriented and capable of making change
  • are responsible for a cash box and for the collection and retention of payment slips
  • largely work sitting down
  • are not normally expected to encounter any extraordinary physical exertion

Money Counters

Count and total the money in returned cash boxes, reconciling the results with supporting sales vouchers. Count and bundle cash and check receipts, making them ready for bank deposit. Volunteers for these positions need to be practiced in handling money, numerate, and detail oriented. Volunteers must be able to work in closed spaces; claustrophobics need not apply!

Other positions

Other positions are ordinarily reserved for volunteers with several years’ practical experience, and are filled by invitation of sale management. Such positions include:

  • Room Managers – responsible for the management of a particular sale area
  • Treasurer’s Assistants – handle cash, check cash boxes and total slips handed in by cashiers