Friends of Jefferson-Madison Regional Library

About Friends of the Library

The five local jurisdictions that support the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library system cover the basic services and programs for library patrons. A major purpose of the Friends of the Library is to generate additional funding for such things as:

  • summer reading programs for children and young adults, including rewards and small “achievement” prizes
  • funding for enhancement of the various collections of the library system (books, audio-visual materials, etc.)
  • additional funding for each library’s individual needs and support of local book review programs
  • providing major grants when new branches are opened (e.g., Crozet, Greene)
  • provided a major grant for the acquisition of a new Bookmobile in 2017
  • annual financial support to the Virginia Festival of the Book
  • funding parking at Water Street Garage downtown
  • providing the funding for the monthly book review/newsletter Book Page

Endowment Fund

In July of 1992, the Friends of the Jefferson Madison Regional Library created the Library Endowment Fund with the Charlottesville Albemarle Community Foundation. Starting with an initial gift of $ 20,000 from the Friends in honor of Jane and Art Hess, long term volunteers with the Friends and the “heart and soul” of the annual Book Sale, the Endowment Fund has grown from that initial $ 20,000 to well over $950,000. The growth represents three sizable bequests, annual gifts from the Friends and countless donations from individuals and groups over the intervening 15 years.

The purpose of the Fund is to support the charitable and educational purposes of the Friends and its affiliated agencies, including the library. The Fund is not used to replace existing and future public funding for JMRL or its State Aid book budget.

Directors, Officers and Staff

Stephanie Commander: Secretary.  fourth term ends 2026
Wendy Craig: President.  third term ends 2025
Pat Dogil: Director.  fourth term ends 2026
Lynne Fleming: Director. first term ends 2026
Jack Hanrahan: Director.  first term ends 2025
Kathy Johnson Harris: Director. first term ends in 2026
Proal Heartwell: Director.  third term ends 2025
Jane Kulow: Director.  first term ends 2025
Ted Magilley: Treasurer.  no term limit
Peter McIntosh: Book Sale Director.  first term ends 2026
Ashely Schneider: Director. second term ends 2025
Bill Schrader: Vice President.  third term ends 2025
Martha Topel: Director. second term ends 2026

David Plunkett: Regional Library Director. Ex officio member of the Friends’ Board
Peter Manno: Book Sale Manager
Austin Connor: Assistant Book Sale Manager

Board Meetings

Friends of JMRL Board meetings are at the Gordon Avenue Library at 5:30pm. The board meets four times a year, on the third Thursday of the month.

Past Board Meeting Minutes: (PDF)
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Friends of JMRL Bylaws June 2023 (PDF)